Gauhar Khan congratulates Shilpa Shinde on this way, Shilpa fans were saying badly told false

Congratulating Shilpa Shinde was expensive for Ghaur Khan

Bigg Boss 11 'winner Shilpa Shinde from the television syllabus to her friends and relatives. There is no shortage of those who have wished them on social media, but they are getting troll because of late greetings to Shilpa of 'Bigg Boss 7' winner Gauhar Khan. On January 14, the Big Boss had a grand finale. Gauhar, while congratulating Shilpa on Twitter on January 17, wrote: "I have come back from the holidays. It was revealed that Shilpa Shinde has won the Big Boss-11. She congratulated a lot of congratulations I do not know their real twitter id but my mother read her prayers twice for her victory. My mother's dua worked



In this way, many people troll Gauhar and wrote, "It was time to tweet the rest of the vacuum, it was time to compliment you but not to congratulate.

At the same time a user wrote, 'Your attitude tells you about being married. A few days ago, you promised Vikas Gupta to win, but when Shilpa wins you disappeared.

One user said, she was active on Snapchat and other social media accounts during the holidays, why did not she know about Shilpa's victory.

Many users accused Ghohar Khan of lying He said that now he is showing favor to Shilpa. One wrote - What's the place where Twitter's bird does not fly? Let me tell you before, even before Gauhar Akash Dudalani was trolled to support.

Gauhar Khan is very active in every season after winning the Big Boss. Even after the telecast of every episode, he has also been commenting on the social media or his comments on the show. Throughout this season, Gauhar Khan had supported Vikas Gupta and had appealed to vote in his favor.

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