Raveena Tandon got a marriage proposal on Twitter

From Raveena Tandon, the young man will ask me to marry me, it was his reply

Bollywood Actress Raveena Tandon is more active than ever in Bollywood, as well as on social media she shares her with her fans. Raveena Tandon does not pay off on social media by keeping her opinions on the ongoing disputes in the country. However, on social media, these stars sometimes go to face such a situation which may disturb them.

Now that happened with Raveena Tandon when one of her fans asked her on the tweeter that you will marry me. Well, answering these questions, many celebs do not feel right; some people also ignore such questions. In such a case, Raveena Tandon said, "sorry, man, you are 13 years late."



Raveena Tandon's response to these remarks was astonishing and she began to despise his senses of humor. Let's say Raveena Tandon married the film distributor and businessman Anil Thadani 13 years ago. Raveena Tandon was the most bold and bold actress of her time. His acting in movies has been very appreciated. However, after the marriage, he took a little break from the films and later returned to the movies again.

Let me tell you Raveena Tandon has been the top actress of her time. He has worked with big superstars.

His film career started in the 90s when Raveena was in college when she received a film offer from Shantanu Shiro. Due to attachment to films since childhood, Raveena left college and said yes to the film. Raveena started acting in Bollywood with the film "Rockstar" in 1992. "Stone Flowers" was a tremendous success, and with this Raveena established himself in Bollywood.

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