Sridevi left the world, but left crores of property for her daughters, know about their property read here

how many crores of wealth left behind Sridevi?

Bollywood superstar actress Sridevi has said goodbye to the world. Shree Devi was on the strength of fame because of her acting, but in the matter of wealth, she was not less than anybody. Let's tell you in detail that Sridevi has left behind a big empire. At the same time everyone's in shock after their demise. He died of a heart attack at the age of 54. She went to Dubai for the wedding of Bhajan, she went to Dubai The country is shocked by the death of Sridevi.

The entire property of Sridevi, who ruled Bollywood in the 80's, is being reported as Rs 247 crores. While they have 3 bungalows. Explain that Sridevi, who had worked in 300 films, had bought three houses with his earnings, his market value is more than Rs 62 crore in today's date.

How many cars -

Although Sridevi had little interest in trains, he never bought small carts. Sridevi has a total of 7 cars, which cost about 9 crores. In addition to Bentley in these trains, mostly Audi and Ford are also included.

The three bungalows were also owned by Sridevi -

Sridevi bought three houses with his earnings. They include Versova and Lokhandwala bungalow. Their market value has been more than Rs. 62 crores.

Designer clothes, expensive accessories, i.e. clock, eyeglasses, bracelets, etc used to enhance their wardrobe. He was also very fond of designer clothes. Sridevi was often seen in many parties with heavy jewelery and expensive saris. However, on these outfits, Sridevi used to live in headlines.

It is said that, for the movies, Sridevi used to charge more than many big superstars in Bollywood. By the way, he had property worth millions of crores, he was also fond of expensive cars. Fans of luxury cars like Audi, Porsche Syen, Masarti and Bentley. It is said that Sridevi is the first Bollywood actress to have vanity van. Sridevi is the first actress of Bollywood who made Vanity van for herself. He watched Vanity Van during the shoot of a movie, at the same time, the same Vanity used to go to Mumbai for shooting everywhere. In this way, Sridevi made a personal vanity van for himself.

Well they also have prized jewels. Sridevi, who was the first female superstar in the male dominated film industry, has made her differently in Bollywood. It is being said that her husband Bonnie Kapoor has no stake in her property.

He often used to post pictures of his private life on Instagram. Sridevi said in one of his interviews that her husband always advises her to live life freely. Sridevi, who was away from the industry for 15 years, when the film fell short of 'English Winglish', his fees reached 3.5 to 5 crores rupees.

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