Sushant Singh Rajput said in his Nude Scene for upcoming movie Drive, this is not a complete nude but ...

Sushant Singh Rajput talked about his Nude Scene in his forthcoming film drive

Actors are showing all this on the big screen, which we have not seen before in Bollywood. John Abraham had become semi-nude in friendly and after a completely naked scene in New York. Rajkumar Rao also shot Nude Seen for a scene in Shahid. More recently, actor Ranveer Singh had seen his back for a few seconds on the big screen in Baixhere.

Now, reportedly, Sushant Singh Rajput is going to be a nude for a scene in his forthcoming film drive. During a conversation with a leading newspaper, the actor talked more about his view.

When asked about this, Sushant clarified that he does not want to be completely naked. Sushant says, "It is not a complete Montessee scene as it is to be done instead, instead it is more like an illusion. Whatever you saw in Deadpool is something that is not entirely naked, as many actors have done in movies. "

Rajput believes that this scene is very important for the film and the audience will understand after viewing the film. Sushant says, "If you ask me if I'm showing my skin on the screen, then I will say yes. I do not hesitate, just do not have to do this.

Well, we note this thing of Sushant!

Currently, Sushant Singh Rajput has two films- Chanda Mama Far and Kedarnath. For these films, Sushant Singh Rajput has started preparing for it. He recently visited NASA. Photos of an SSR training in the United States became viral on the web The actor posted on his social media about him. In addition to CMDK, Sushant is studying script for his next film Kedarnath. The actor was seen yesterday with his co-star Sarah Ali Khan.

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