Box office: Salman Khan Tiger zinda hai, will be break all box office records

Tiger zinda hai, records till 2017 ,ready for release

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer movie "Tiger Zinda hai" is ready to release this Friday. The fans are eagerly awaiting Salman's film. It is a matter of note that, the advance promotion has already begun with the release of this film. Seeing the craze for the film, Salman may have been happy too. By the way, this year, big films at the box office did not show so much. Although Salman's Tiger is alive, the box office is expecting something more. If you talk about the film then, along with the action in the film, Salman and Katrina romances are also seen. Box office: Salman Khan's "Tiger Zinda hai", box office breaks all records

Talking of the opening day collection of Salman Khan's film, according to the Trade Expert, the first day can earn between 40 and 50 crores. It is now Salman Khan's film and box office records can not be broken. However, Salman's previous film Tuvialite proved to be average at the box office. According to the reports, the film Tiger Jinda is a production of 150 crores while Salman has no fees in it. Digital rights of this movie are 65 crores, the same is Satellite rights of 50 crores.

Salman and Katrina have returned together after a long time and whenever they are together on the screen, their chemistry is clearly visible. Although the film is only Salman, Katrina can not be ignored in the film. However, Katrina's new avatar will be seen in the film which will be liked by the audience. In this film, shoots of bullets will be seen with Katrina Salman. Dil Diwaan Gallan and Swag have welcomed the film. The music of the movie is quite good and people have also praised music very much.

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